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PunannyLover 10 months ago
I always think its pointless when dudes leave comments about what the actors should've done in the movie! Like he shoulda cum on her face or stuck it up her dirt box, just watch the movie and stfu. So instead of a 'should've' I wish the camera person had filmed those tits longer lol, they're like chocolate yummy.
Moxy 8 months ago
Why are they not touching her boobs
Santiago 9 months ago
What is her name
Zero 3 months ago
This dude have warts on his dick and she letting him fuck her.what a dumb girl..
Anonymous 8 months ago
You got herpes look at the wats on your dick you just infected her smh
3 months ago
What I can see here are two pregnant folks fvcking with the one on the receiving end being infected in the process.